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Lets start by answering the questions, “What will the map be used for, and where will it be displayed?” taking into account which features will be included and what data will be collected or created.

Next we'll deliver a basemap- a blank map of the proposed extent. Here we define the design - fonts, colors, layout and theme - and begin to mark-up important locations.

Draft time- requested features are added to the basemap and reviewed. It is possible to have multiple map revisions as the vision expands or necessary information updates.

Map delivery! Possible deliverables include jpeg, png, pdf, web applications or prints. Designers may also request an .ai for an additional fee or work agreement.




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As trained Physical Geographers and Cartographers, Chelsea and Corey specialize in both spatial data-driven GIS analysis and design-focused maps. Clients and projects range from nation-wide nonprofits seeking event mapping tools to small businesses or individuals that require design heavy visuals or custom map art.

The science and art of making maps

Due to the custom nature of Cartography, all projects are quoted on a one-by-one basis to meet the unique needs of the individual client. 


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