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What is The Seas Collective?

The Seas Collective is a Long Island based event planning, mapping and marketing company founded by two south shore surfing cartographers - Chelsea Buonaiuto and Corey Stanton. Their mission is to engage your community with purpose by teaching clients how to create sustainable business models through connecting with their local communities.

With over 13 years of professional experience, The Seas Collective has worked with a wide variety of businesses and non-profits - administratively and creatively - to bring their clients' vision to life. What began as a local mapping and planning studio has grown into a network of professionals offering a variety of specialized services.


Development Retreat
Joshua Tree


A Walk On Water Surf Therapy, Montauk

Chelsea Buonaiuto

Chelsea likes to take the time to prepare for success - a natural planner. She loves bringing people together and creating community - and has the spreadsheet and the 12+ years of event planning experience to do it. A lifetime geo-nerd, she has an advanced degree in GIS (Geographic Information Systems - digital map making) from Hunter College, where she also taught Physical Geography (Weather & Climate) and Geology lab courses. Her commitment to supporting non-profits began at the Jane Goodall Institute in 2007 as the NYC Outreach Coordinator for the youth-focused branch - Roots & Shoots - both internationally recognized organizations. Environmental ethics are a focal point in her life - professionally and personally - and she brings these principles to each project she can.

Chelsea enjoys sharing her skills with her clients by empowering them to create sustainable foundations for future success. She does this by analyzing each player and comparing strategies to match the goals and mission of the organizations she serves. As the Seas Collective continues to grow, Chelsea is working to create independent retreats, combining her Reiki practice and business success to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses in destination spaces.

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Corey Stanton

Corey prefers to spend his free time in the ocean. His love for surfing led him to travel to many far off destinations - coincidentally, he had to map and plan his way around the world.


His foundations in Physical Geography began with his education at UNC Wilmington. He continued professionally using GIS for weather maps at WECT News and held a position as an adjunct lecturer for the Weather & Climate lab courses at Hunter College. As a freelancer at Chelsea the Cartographer, Corey continued to develop his professional skills - making maps and producing events. As business grew, Chelsea and Corey partnered to create something that matched both of their interests and professional backgrounds - The Seas Collective (formally Seas Cartography).

Corey is one of the most patient people around - he truly takes the time to hear clients' visions and brings them to life. His positive approach makes it fun for everyone around him. Corey’s favorite event so far- The Fire Island Lighthouse Keeper’s Craft Tasting. Bringing people together to drink craft beer under the tower with views of the ocean and bay - it doesn’t get better than that! 

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